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April 27, 2012 5:02 am

Keep your parenting advice to yourself

I know!  I know. I have only been a Mama for a little over 2 years and this certainly DOES NOT make me an expert, but what I am pretty secure in, I am a good Mom to MY kid.  For some of you, you might think this post should be written by Jen from Kansas, but I have Had! It! up! To! HERE!!!

Disclaimer:   Before I became a mom, I had grand ideas about how I would parent a child, but I never told that to other parents—I have already talked about that, so I cut people a little slack, but when your unwanted input and advise is on a continual basis—you need to suck it!

So there is a certain person in my life (who is probably reading this right now—yeah, I am talking to YOU).  At first glance, it might seem that she unconditionally loves me and K-man.  She “loves” to go out to lunch with us or come over and “hang out”.  However, after some digging, she really only wants to hang out with us to critique my parenting and offer parenting advice.  While I know that I should ask for help a lot more than I do, I do want to be the best Mommy I can to K-man, so I don’t mind critiquing and offers of advice from people I trust.  I don’t mind input.  On the other hand, constantly negative ideas, unsolicited advice and things that absolutely go against my parenting plan are no longer wanted or needed. 

You don’t have kids and don’t want them—God bless you for that.  I completely respect that choice/decision.  So keep your “expert advice” to yourself, please.  Furthermore, you have no clue how other 3 or 4 year olds act and even when we see a nasty, ugly example of a kid running around in a restaurant almost knocking over the waiter or a kid pushing another kid off the slide and laughing about it, you are quick to point out some other “thing” that K does that you feel labels him “out of control.”

For anyone who has spent time with us, you know that my son is active.  You know that he talks ALL THE TIME.  You know that he is constantly asking questions.  You know that he wants to have my attention for pretty much any and everything.  You also know that he uses his manners (most of the time).  You also know that he (tries) to share.  You also know that he loves his friends, Nana and Grandpa and me.  You know that he doesn’t always listen to me all the time.  You know that he doesn’t always want to hold my hand.  You know that he has a mind and opinion of his own (just like his Mama).  You know that he is sweet and charming and witty and funny and ALL BOY!  He loves the dirt, he isn’t afraid of anything and loves to climb and jump!  All of which, as far as I can tell, are part of being 4!

So thank you “friend” for trying to tell me how to parent him and where I am doing a crappy job.  Thank you “friend” for not knowing the first thing about being a parent, but being an expert.  And from now on, when/if you try to correct me, scold me, or even tell me how to “fix” something—I have a few words for you—SUCK IT and SHUT UP  and I still love you girl, I just don’t need your advice!!!

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