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May 8, 2012 7:01 am

Dog Crap

No, I don’t have a dog. Actually, I have never owned a dog. Since my new boss came to work with us almost 2 years ago, he has graciously shared his dog with the office. Mack, the dog, brings a wonderfully great vibe to the office. He is an immediate icebreaker for dog lovers and even dog fearers. I have, somehow, become his surrogate office Auntie/dog sitter. I also want to add—K-man LOVES this dog and actually has begged me to get a dog just liked= him. When Mack has stayed with us, K enjoys taking him for walks and spending time trying to make Mackie hang out just with him.

At work, when needed, I have been known to take him out for his daily “walk” and crap time. Obviously, I am not a dog aficionado, but I know that when a dog craps, you need to pick it up. Why is this concept so difficult to understand? Even my 4 year old gets it. So to you, Jerky dog walker guy who let your Husky take a massive dump in front of our work, where I walked Mack the other day, please friggin’ pick up your dog crap. 


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