He, She, They, We!

This is who my kid is (he). This is who I am (she). This is who our community is (they). We are all family (we)!

May 31, 2012 8:33 am

On Being Nocturnal!

K is obsessed with dinosaurs, bugs and well, animals in general. He is particularly obsessed with ones that are nocturnal. Because of this, he always wants the lights off to prove that he, too, can see in the dark like they can. When watching movies in bed, he wants ALL lights off so that it can be uber dark. Once they are all off and the doors are shut, he quickly proclaims, “I’m nocturnal Mommy! I can see in the dark.” I agree or give some sort of nod or verbal cue and he quickly adds, “But you aren’t!  Only me!” 

What he doesn’t quite understand is that because the TV is on, there is light, so of course he can see. Not only that, our eyes adjust (as all of you know), so again, of course he can see. But, son, I will let you believe that you’re nocturnal because I love that you love being nocturnal.