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September 10, 2012 4:58 am

Booster Seat Drama

You might or might now know that I break out in hives walking in to places like Babies-R-Us or Toys-R-Us.  I really hate them…a smidge more than Chuck-E-Cheese, no… really, I do. I don’t know why I have this aversion.  It isn’t like Babies or Toys have done anything to me.  I just honestly, feel the cold sweat, hives ensue and anxiety commences.  BUT… Babies-R-Us has this “trade-in” thing they do.  At certain times of the year, they take your crappy stroller or car seat or whatever, and give you 25% off your next purchase.  Pretty cool for a place that I despise, huh?  I think so. 

Now that K is in a place where a booster seat is imminent, and I had the day off work due to a surgical procedure the previous day, why not brave the mid-day mommies at Babies-R-Us?  Oi vey!  What was I thinking?  I should have been at home resting.  But NOOOOOOOOO!!!! 

I had done my research over the past few weeks and had an idea of which one I was going to get.  Did I want the best—of course.  Could I afford a $250 booster seat—heck no!  So I was thinking—something rated high on the safety ratings, but not the Ferrari or Bentley of the pack! 

Sadly, I was walking incredibly slow, my dad was frustrated at the fact that he would have to get 2 car seats out (they have one for their car), walk through a store with me to “decide” on a booster, since of course, I had about 8 options that I liked, and wanted to shop around for one that “felt right”.  Could things have gotten any worse, yup, indeed they could have.

So, Babies-R-Us seems to be a place where a lot of pregnant woman with at least 1 toddler like to walk around, play with all the toys, allow their kids to run free and scream and touch EVERYTHING.  Not only that, it’s also a place where best friends (one or more women are pregnant) and they are giggling and taking photos with their iPhones of EVERY friggin’ cute thing in the place.  Don’t get me wrong, I coo and awww at cute baby things just like anything else, but this ain’t your first rodeo honey, move it along and get outta the friggin’ aisle!  You clearly already know what kind of car seat works for you—I see your baby in the friggin’ car seat in the cart!  Just get the same one.

Not only that, there are just too many darn choices.  How can you possibly decide?  For those of you who haven’t heard, when I went to create my “registry” before I came home with K, I basically had a meltdown in the Super Target.  My mom had to bring me back from the brink and slap me out of it.  I just don’t like doing things like this.  Eventually, I hired two 19 year olds who agreed to create my Target registry with all the things that we knew a 2 year old would need.  It worked like a charm and I didn’t have a panic attack to allow my friends and family to bless me!

So… I digress.  Back to today at Babies-R-Us.  We succeeded in making a solid decision for K’s booster seat, only had a kid step on me once, only saw 2 kids sneeze/have boogers hanging out and they proceeded to wipe them off with their hand or on the wall, only saw one mom breast feeding as she was shopping and only witnessed 2 meltdowns from the same toddler!  All in all—my dad and I survived it.  And with any luck, I won’t have to visit Babies-R-Us any time soon!