He, She, They, We!

This is who my kid is (he). This is who I am (she). This is who our community is (they). We are all family (we)!

July 22, 2011 5:00 am

High Five for Friday—week of 07.22.11

*It is my goal that even when I kvetch, I still have an attitude of gratitude, so each Friday, I want to share at least 5 fantastical things that have happened to me!

PS—these aren’t in any particular order!

1.  Hanging with friends and boyfriend at the same time!

2.  Working out 5 days this week when 4 days was my goal!

3.  A vendor friend going to Barcelona and offering to pick up a purse I have been wanting that you can ONLY purchase in Spain!!!!!

4.  K telling me he loves me “this” much (arms spread really really really wide!).

5.  49 days until Hawaii!

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