He, She, They, We!

This is who my kid is (he). This is who I am (she). This is who our community is (they). We are all family (we)!

June 14, 2012 4:57 am

Driving Revelations

I feel like I get my best ideas while in the car.  I don’t know what it is, but revelation and clarity seems to come while I am driving.  I love how I can ponder something for hours, but it seems to become clear for me once I get in the car.  Well, lately K has been having the same kind of thing (well kinda).  Recently, he has been sharing his deep, random, awesome thoughts with me—while in the car.

We will be driving along and say, “Mommy, please turn down the music.  I had an idea…” and proceed to share about the cure for cancer (NOT) OR how he doesn’t understand why Thor is just Thor when Spider Man is Peter Parker!  And for a 4 year old, these are legit concerns, right? 

Just the other day he mentioned that a Komodo dragon is a big lizard but not a snake.  The direct quote went something like, “Snakes slither on the ground like this (showing me with his arm how they ‘slither’).  A Komodo dragon has legs.  Hey, my arm doesn’t have legs.  It can slither like a snake.  My arm is like a snake!  Look Mommy!” 

Or, on the way to school the other day he randomly exclaimed:

K:  You know what Mommy?  Rex is really stronger than Buzz.

Me:  Why do you think that?

K:  Mama, you are so goofy.  Rex just uses his tail to re-feat Zurg and he doesn’t even have a laser.  I’m jus sayin’!

*True story son!

So… I see a pattern.  It’s clear that the car and driving is going to be a revelation spot for everyone on Team Williams—I’m jus sayin’!